Saturday, 3 January 2015

Two Baby quilts

With two new babies coming along at this busy time of the year, I needed a quick pattern.  I visited the Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph with a couple of friends and saw a very cute baby quilt displayed on the wall.  The pattern is Posh Tot by Christy Marnell (Blue Underground Studios, Inc.).  I had all the fabrics in the house and cut both at the same time.  If you try this pattern, be sure to cut the solid pieces out of the length of fabric, not the width.  This was not clear in the directions, so I still ended up having to piece the two sides.  These two quilts worked up quickly and were fun to make!  The straight line quilting was very easy, but still takes longer than you think it will.  The nice thing is, you can listen to an audio book since you don't have to concentrate on it :-).

The top of the orange quilt for a baby boy

The top of the yellow quilt for a baby girl

Both quilts finished

Straight line quilting

Baby Aurianna with her new quilt (Thanks Trish and Scott for the photo :-)