Friday, 30 October 2015

Never thought this day would arrive.......

The Indian Orange Peel top is together!  Wow, I never thought this day would arrive.  It's been on my spare bed off and on for four years, patiently waiting for the final putting together.  I worked on it every once in awhile over the years, but went to a friend's place for a sleepover recently and decided this thing needed to get finished.  I worked on it non stop for two days and that gave me the focus needed to get it done :-).

The reason I procrastinated on it is because I didn't look forward to all those curved seams and then finally setting the center 25 block square into a border frame made up of all these odd shaped pieces.  And the pattern comes with very few instructions!  But, I must say, it came together very nicely.  The worst of it was putting the last two arcs into the corners of the border section, but even that went better than expected.  The original pattern came printed out on fairly heavy paper, but I think this is what made it come together so nicely.  It did not get a chance to get stretched.  Now to pick the rest of the paper off the border :-(.  That is the part I don't like about paper piecing.  I'll have to invite some friends over for coffee and work on while chatting...or procrastinate for another four years before it gets quilted LOL.  Hopefully not.  But, that is an interesting do you quilt something like this???

(Click on the photos to enlarge them)
Getting the last two seams pinned
the finished top!!!!

Amazing how the inset corners came together so nicely

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Baby quilts for Sarah and Jenny

My good intentions of doing more regular blog posts have been sidetracked once again.   I completed a baby quilt earlier this summer for a young friend who moved to PEI.  We delivered it personally on our trip to PEI in July (finishing the binding while sitting at the ocean :-).   The pattern was called Shenandoah by Creative Sewlutions.  I ended up cutting it wrong, so my strips are not exactly the same width as the pattern, but I made it work :-).  (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

The finished quilt

Simple meandering lines seemed to suit this pattern for quilting it.

Found this lovely modern animal print in my stash for the backing
Back of the quilt

The white tone on tone had sea shells which was very appropriate for a PEI baby :-)

One of the girls in my Church had her first baby and we ladies had a shower for her.  I had done these One Block Wonder blocks a couple of years ago and since this baby was a boy and his mother likes bright colours, I thought it would work perfectly for little Bryce.  I added some bright solid cubes since the blocks were very busy.

The finished quilt

This is all the original fabric I had left, and since the quilt was a little short, I added it as a panel on the top of the quilt

close up of the cube quilting

some of the blocks

I used this flip flop fabric on the back of the quilt