Friday, 18 February 2011

Hexagon madness

We've lived in our new house almost two years and I still hadn't found a picture to hang above our bed. My daughter in law, Jannyne, gave me one of the One Block Wonder books for Christmas and loved the designs. She said if I wanted to make one, she'd help :-). The light bulb finally went on and the brainstorm hit to make one of these into a wall hanging for my bedroom. I took Jannyne to one of my favourite quilt shops, The Marsh Store, taking along a piece of the border fabric of my bed quilt and we came across this Laurel Burch fabric with exactly the right colours! So, some of that came home with me :-).

On Tuesday, Jannyne came over for the day and we cut out the triangles and started playing with the options. Here is Jannyne having fun laying out the blocks on the design wall:

We thought we'd add a few cubes into the mix possibly, so we bought some FQ's that blended nicely with the dancing horses. There was a lot of sun in the sewing room when I took this picture so the left is a little dark...there's a black, a burgundy and a navy blue FQ in there. At the top is the border of the bed quit and I also spotted some perfect King Tut variegated thread spools.

I got two cubes made while Jannyne laid out blocks. I will make more of these cubes in various colours and we'll have some options to play with:

Here are all the blocks so far on the wall. The instructions in the book were to sew the half hexagons together with the straight grain of the triangles to the outside. Since the fabric design is so linear, I took the triangles of the last strip and started sewing them differently to provide more variation. The three separated hexagons on the right side are done in the different orientation. One third of the blocks will be different. This is a really fun project to work on.

Jannyne is the one with the artistic eye, so she'll help me decide on the final layout. I tend to lay everything out symmetrical, so we're on a learning curve here LOL.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm up to 97!

I hosted a mini retreat at my place on Friday and Saturday and we accomplished a lot! Here are 12 of the arcs I started on Saturday and completed tonight.

I am now up to 97...only 23 to go!