Monday, 24 March 2008

Spring has Sprung?

Spring is taking its time outside, but inside the house, it does look like spring! I found a funky striped table cloth last week and put my posy runner on the table...colours matched quite nicely. I bought a fresh pineapple on Saturday evening and on a whim put it on the table runner...looked cool! Problem is, if I want to keep this look, I'll have to either eat a lot of pineapple or find a realistic artificial one :-). My husband set the table for breakfast this morning with these colourful dishes to complete the spring look. Unfortunately, by the time I thought of taking a picture, the orange juice was finished!

This is how I had the runner placed at first, but I like it on an angle better. This is an unusual tablecloth as the stripes run the width of the table.

I also found a couple artificial plants that look very realistic on Thursday, which adds a nice splash of colour to my living room. It's too dark there to have real plants survive. Now to find a pineapple that looks this real!

OK spring....we're ready :-)!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Productive Snow Day!

We are having the umpteenth snow storm of the year! I've lost count of how many we've had, but this one was a real major blizzard and is still going strong. We could hardly open the front door for the snow drift on the front porch.

This was the view out of the back patio door:

So, my husband and I headed down the basement for a day of cleaning and testing some antique and vintage sewing machines. My job after we finished cleaning them was test sewing on them so I got out some Dear Jane blocks and set up a little work station on the freezer. That worked great.

K 4 Thea's turn...this one is for my sister out West whose name is Thea! This was done on a Brother machine.

K 12 Doris's Dilemna was made on a 201 Singer handcrank. Those 201's are such smooth machines.

I 1 Ralph & Nelda's Wedding, done on a Singer Featherweight which sewed like a dream!

I 2 Kaye's Courtyard also sewn on the little Featherweight.

That brings my total blocks to 40.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

H 11 Piercing Rays

This turned out to be a two DJ block week :-). This block is H 11 Piercing Rays my 35th one. I hand pieced this one using this wavy striped fabric...almost made me dizzy working with it, but it turned out cool! We had a get together at fellow guild member Nancy Rose's house last night. We had a great time stitching, drinking tea and eating cookies and inspiring a couple new girls to start the DJ quilt. I think we convinced them :-).

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Finished DJ BOW this week!

Every week on the Dear Jane list, a block of the week (or BOW) is published to help us keep on track for sewing at least one block a week. I actually finished it this week :-). It was quite an easy one and I was just cleaning up this button fabric which I used for borders for my "Ode to the Button" wallhanging (pictures to follow when it's finished!) when it struck me that this fabric was blue! I could use some for my DJ quilt and this week's block would showcase this fabric nicely.

It is F 4 Old Windmill