Friday, 25 May 2012

Insanity revisited....

After finishing my mini tulip quilt a few weeks ago, I had a couple of friends over to sew together.  They wanted to try one too!  I was going to stick to my resolution to work on UFO's and besides, I had vowed that I would never do another mini tulip quilt!  When I had posted that sentiment on face book, my sister commented "Oh dear, I was hoping for one in red, yellow and blue!"  Amy and Lynn really wanted to try these little tulips, and Amy reminded me that I could do a little quilt for my sister and join them.  Since my sister had her birthday on May 13th, I succumbed to peer pressure (yes, at my age!!) and decided to join them.

All our mini tulip blocks

blue border.?

or red border???
Blue border won out and since I couldn't decide which colour lippy to go with, I added one of each :-)

The little quilt measures about 5" x 7"
My sister was 'over the moon' with her little quilt.  It was worth it :-)!!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Batik daisy mania....

We went to a Quilt show in Shedden ON and were inspired by a table runner made by Pat P on the welcome table.  We bought some batik from one of our favourite vendors and Alice and I got together to make a table runner.  Chris came over and dropped everything and made one too.  We were having a surprise house warming party for another friend, Cathy, so we got together on Thursday to make one for Cathy as a gift.  Alice also made a second one for a friend's birthday.  Here are the table toppers that we made.

 This is the table topper that I made for myself; it is being quilted on my vintage Bernina 830.

 I used a variegated King Tut thread by Superior and it made these cool striped edges along my daisy petals :-).  I quilted a spiral in it, but I wasn't really happy with it as it bunched up just a little bit and looked a little "thin".

Quilting in the border:

Alice took my finished table topper home and hand embroidered the center and added a bead.  Perfect!!  Thanks Alice :-).

 I bought an antique table a few weeks ago and it looks great on it behind the love seat in the livingroom:

Front of the has a drop leaf and also pulls out to accomodate three leaves:

Here is Chris' version of the table topper:

This is the topper we made for our friend Cathy's housewarming party (Alice added embroidery on it later as well):

Here is the one for Alice's friend:

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spring mug rug!

I taught a class on paper piecing this week and made myself a little mug rug for Spring out of my tulip :-).  It definitely is vibrant LOL.  If the coffee doesn't wake me up, the colours will!!