Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Canada 150 Blocks FINISHED!!!

I can't believe it was the end of September when I last posted on my blog!  I had a friend over from Holland for two weeks, we celebrated Thanksgiving, went on a quilt retreat and a retreat with my Bible study group so it has been a busy couple of months.  I've been steadily working away at my Canada 150 blocks and only got a few weeks behind a couple of times.  Last week the final blocks were posted!  Wow, I can't believe I've actually kept up with this project til the end.  Here are the blocks I've finished since my last blog post:

Blocks 136 - 138
Blocks 139 - 141
Blocks 142 - 144
Blocks 145 - 147
 Block # 150 had a very interesting twist...it was dedicated to Moms all over the world!  So, I made that block using fabric I had used in the Elgin Piecemaker's Challenge to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.  You can read about the pillows we made here.  I had used a fabric with tiny tulips and bicycles on the back of my pillow which was dedicated to the memory of my Mom immigrating from Holland in the mid 1950's and who taught me to sew.  This was the back of the pillow:

I used a scrap of that fabric to make my heart block for the 150th block and used a background print which says "stitch" all over it.  This block is my tribute to my Mom's memory.

Blocks 148 - 150!!

The stack of 150 FINISHED blocks :-)
Now to lay out all the blocks and figure out a layout!  That will be a challenge on its own.  Thanks so much Kat Tucker of Next Step Quilt Designs for this wonderful project and for all your hard work posting the blocks and the stories about Canadian women for a whole year!