Sunday, 20 July 2008

G 8 Justin's Comet & trying out Inklingo

Justin's Comet was started while at a Dear Jane get together in Oakville, Ontario. I handpieced this block and finished it on vacation. This is the block that Nancy challenged us to do by using a stripe. I only had a boring stripe, so when I found this striped FQ with fancy paisley's I wondered if it would work. I couldn't quite get 8 exact repeats, but did get two sets of four identical pieces. It took me longer to cut these diamonds than to sew the block together :-). I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Pressing the back trying to follow Linda Franz's instructions :-):

We actually got to meet Linda Franz at the gathering and had a great time getting to know her! She gave each of us two sample pieces of Inklingo printed on two different colours of batik fabrics. While on vacation, I made this grandmother's flower garden using all the purple hexagons and one of the light blue ones. What fun and how easy is this! Of course it was all printed out on the fabric for me by Linda to try out actually printing on fabric. I received a wonderful autographed copy of Inklingo for my birthday from my friends, Lynn and Amy and need to take some time to try the printing. Sure saves a lot of seam marking for hand piecing!!

Linda also showed us how to press the seams at the back. Works slick!

Thanks Linda! It was also great meeting Monkey in person!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

...and more...and the machines I sewed on!

I finished another DJ block today testing another sewing machine :-). Fun way to get needed work done as well as getting a few more blocks finished. This is K3 Seven idea where the Seven Sisters come in! I received this fabric from my Dear Jane secret pal. The outside row is supposed to be white, but I liked it with the blue better.

This is the beautiful Singer free arm Featherweight that I used to sew this block this morning! It purrs like a kitten and sews a perfect straight stitch. If you are interested in seeing more detailed pictures of this machine click here .

The blocks I posted yesterday were sewn on these machines...a beige Singer Featherweight that also sews like a dream:

...a 1953 Singer 15-88 treadle...made in Canada...great machine!

..and another Singer 15-88 treadle from 1955...also a wonderful machine! Do you get the impression that I love these wonderful old Singer sewing machines? LOL

I'm off to try out another Singer...this time a 201 which will go into a treadle eventually...I'm going to use it with a temporary handcrank attachment...hope to have another block to post tomorrow!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Finally some more Dear Jane blocks!

I finally got busy and sewed a few more Dear Jane blocks! I had to test sew on several machines that we will be selling, so figured this is a good excuse. After all, to thoroughly test a machine, it's much better to sew an actual project than just scrap fabric, right? That's my excuse LOL. Here is H 7 Bennington Star pieced on a 15-88 Singer treadle machine. Stitches are wonderful!

J 6 Granny Weaver sewn on another 15-88 Singer treadle:

J 7 Chicken Tracks sewn on a beige or tan Singer Featherweight. This machine also does a great job with these little 1" strips and squares:

This is C 5 Eye of the Cyclone. I finished this one quite awhile ago, but can't find it on my blog. I hand pieced this one, and did the white section in two pieces so that the curve would go all the way around the 'cyclone'. The only problem was, I stitched on the wrong side of the pencil line and you can actually see the pencil line on three of them! I will try to take the seam in slightly on those pieces to see if that works. Or try to erase the marks. The center seams don't quite line up either, so I'll try to fix that as well...then again..finished is better than perfect, right? :-)