Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sarah and Shane's wedding quilt

I realized I had not posted pictures of Sarah and Shane's wedding quilt yet.  I had it finished for awhile, but because they live several provinces over, way out in lovely PEI, I had to wait with posting pictures until they got it :-).  They were married last summer and I had hoped to send it along with someone driving to PEI, but ended up sending it off to them in the mail.   I had started this One Block Wonder quite awhile ago using a lovely Jason Yenter print.  When I heard that Sarah was getting married, I thought this would be the perfect quilt for her.  Sarah took quilt classes from me for a year or so before moving to PEI.  I knew she would love this one as a quilter herself.

A strip of the original fabric was pieced into the backing
This photo shows more of the original fabric, but the colours are more blue.  This fabric was very hard to photograph.

the final layout with some of the border pieces added
leaf quilting in the blocks

the label
A photo of the finished quilt with the little one I made three years ago for my husband's office at school.  He is a High school vice principal and when they built the new school, his office needed something for the wall.  We called this quilt "Stepping towards the Light" as he works in a Christian School.  I wanted to use all the cubes I had made, so he suggested putting one towards the right "since there's always one kid that falls off the wagon" :-).   
It was made using a 2" strip cut off the 6 layers of fabric before I did the larger one.  It was difficult getting a good photo of the quilt on the wall as it is hanging beside a window.  The colours are more like the photo above.  This little quilt won 2nd prize at the Plowing Match quilt show a couple of years ago.

My friend, Roxene, bought the exact Jason Yenter print, but in the red colourway and is also making a OBW with it.  I will post photos of that one when it is finished.

Hannah's Baby Quilt

I've been very behind in blogging lately!  I shall see if I can catch up :-).  I finished Hannah's baby quilt on time for the shower that was held in February.  This is another I spy quilt made using the disappearing 9 patch pattern.  I had made one for another baby in our Church, but miscalculated on the math and ended up with enough blocks for another baby quilt.  I added borders to make it big enough. 
Found this cute children's print for the backing

I had one square left so used it for the label

Border quilting
Since there was a grid in place, I tried some interlocking squares for the quilting in the blocks.   This is more difficult than it looks!  It is very easy to make crooked lines in certain directions!  Baby quilts are a great way to practise since the baby won't care :-)
Finished quilt