Sunday, 5 April 2015

Quilts for the granddaughters

My daughter in law expressed interest in quilts for her two daughter's beds as they are renovating their bedroom.  She asked if I would help her.  Of course!!  What fun.  We tossed some ideas around and since Jannyne loves the One Block Wonder quilts (she helped me design my very first one, which I haven't even blogged yet!), we decided to go shopping one day to see if we could find two fabrics that would be different, but blend together.  

Fabric for Lauren's quilt
Fabric for Leah's quilt
Jannyne pinning the blue fabric

I'm pinning the butterfly fabric.  Since it has only a small repeat, we are doing two sets of repeats and cutting the triangles 2 3/4"

First butterfly hexagons

First hexagons from the blue fabric

Jannyne sewing her very first quilt on my Singer 301.  Her seams were perfect and she did a great job!

Lauren gets to help her Mom arrange the half hexagons

Leah is helping Grandma put up half hexagons and cubes for her quilt

I set up a table for Leah with a whole bunch of light, medium and dark triangles cut out and Leah designed cubes for her quilt for me to sew together

The finished layout for the first quilt.  We will sew the top together next and then layout the butterfly quilt