Monday, 5 March 2007

Ruth and Jason's Wedding Quilt

On August 6, 2005, our dear friends, Ruth and Jason got married. Of course, she had to have a quilt :-). I had just taken a class at the Quilt Rack in Ancaster, ON, where I worked at that time, on the Friendship Braid Quilt from the book, "Open a Can of Worms" by Debbie Caffrey. I did my quilt in black and yellow and just fell in love with it! It's at the Quilt Rack waiting to be quilted by Lucy. This quilt pattern is addictive and I helped a few friends make one in blues for an auction for the Christian school in Hamilton. It turned out very nicely as well. Then it was on to the next's a great way of using up leftover 2 1/2" strips! I found this wonderful leafy fall print in the exact colours that Ruth was planning for her new home and I raided my stash for colours that blended with the borders. I didn't have quite enough length for the outside borders, so I added corner squares.

This was the first quilt that I got brave with and used my trusty 15-88 Singer treadle to free motion quilt loops in the braid sections. I quilted straight lines in the green background for some variation and stippled around the borders.

Here you can see the quilting on the back:

A quilt is not complete without a label!

I have since done another one for my niece Melanie's wedding. I will post that soon when I find the pictures :-).

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