Wednesday 16 May 2007

Pfaff Handcranks

This is my friend's Pfaff K Handcrank!

And the beautiful cover for it:

This is my Pfaff B handcrank; decals are worn, but I was still excited to find it. I do not have a top for it. There is a tin of attachments that my friend has with 'kabourtertjes' (gnomes) on it. The attachments fit on my Pfaff B. We are trying to figure out if that particular tin would have come with the Pfaff K as well.


Sylvia said...

I posted pics of my machine on my blog

Unknown said...

I recently purchased a Pfaff B hand crank sewing machine. The tension is on the end like the one is your post. I think that I have it threaded wrong. It will pick up the bobbin but will not sew correctly. I would appreciate any help.
Thank you,