Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Sheep Bags!

I went shopping with a friend awhile ago and we came across this wonderful canvas type fabric with these bright sheep on it. Here and there was a black sheep in the middle of all those bright ones. We just fell in love with the fabric and imagined the wonderful tote bags we could make out of it.

Joan and I got together one day and sewed up a storm! Check out all the black sheep bags. Joan and her daughter had started the day before and made up a couple samples from different fabric.

I finally got mine done last week. This is the back showing the black sheep:

This is the front of the bag. I added a pocket on the front of mine using bright blue vinyl:

Yesterday, I went on a day out with four friends. Three of them already had sheep bags and Joan made one more bag for the Susan. We all had matching sheep bags for our excursion to see a wedding dress display at a museum, a lovely lunch out together and a trip to the local quilt shop. We did get quite the looks walking down the street with these bright bags LOL. On Monday afternoon, I got out my sheep scraps and put together five little sewing pouches to match our bags. Here are the five pouches:

I added small blue vinyl pockets on each pouch with a seam down the middle. It will hold scissors or a rotary cutter, spools of thread and needles for hand sewing or quilting:

I also found the cutest little labels at a scrapbooking store with Pals on it. They are made by Junkitz Labelz. They are perfect for friends!

Quilters do have a lot of fun, don't they? :-)


G & S said...

I opened your blog and Cailyn yelled SHEEP. She wanted to pick out a green sheep...I pointed to one and she said it was a very good choice lol.

Do you want me to order more Pals labels?

comicbooklady said...

Those are awesome! so bright and colourful!

Tante Ineke said...


now some pigy bags would be nice ,to hold the sheep wool in .
Tante Ineke