Thursday, 3 January 2008

Birthday gift for Joan

Joan's birthday was December 19. Friends Lynn and Amy went to the Creative Needlework Festival in Toronto in October and found the kit for this wall hanging. They said it had Joan's name written all over it, so they bought it, sent it to me to make it and give it to Joan on her birthday from the three of us. Somehow, I think they got the easier part of the deal LOL. Joan is a knitter and dyes and spins her own yarn, so this was appropriate for her. I changed some of the colours in the kit. I did not actually knit the little piece on the toothpicks :-). I knit it on regular knitting needles and then knit the last two rows onto the toothpicks. See Joan, I DO know how to knit!!

I did not want to ask Joan for a bit of real wool or she'd get suspicious that I was making her something, so I used acrylic yarn to knit the piece since that's all I have in the house. Her first reaction was: "But, it's acrylic yarn!" I think it's definitely an acrylic sheep! LOL It is hanging in her livingroom with all the other sheep artifacts. The pattern is "Knittin' Pearl" by applepatch designs.

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debbie kelly said...

i think this block is so cute ,sweet gift for a friend