Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Some different layout ideas

Here are two other layouts I'm considering for my Psalms blocks. The first picture shows setting the blocks on point:

It would also be interesting to set them this way with no sashing in between. This would work perfectly with 6 more blocks. I would rearrange the blocks to balance the colours and values. This could provide large triangles to do some nice hand quilting or some piecing with black and the colours that are in the quilt? Or some appliqué??? The sky's the limit eh? :-). I do really like this setting...a tree of life perhaps for the center?


comicbooklady said...

I like the idea of black sashing, because I think it would give each block its due...can you do that on point? ..with half triangles on the edges?

Elly D said...

I like the third option too with a space in the middle for an exta large block like the tree of life... it could be appliquéd then appliqué in the larger triangles. You could still do this arrangement but putting in some narrow sashing to identify each block.
It's looking stunning already :-D Elly