Saturday, 3 January 2009

Any ideas on how to press this block?

Just finished a 5" block for a chatelaine for our London Friendship Quilt Guild. I have had the kit for 2 years, but finally got the block finished. It had so many fiddle fussy pieces in it that I decided to hand piece it. However, I took one look at the back of it and I have no idea where to start pressing! Any ideas?

This is roughly what the front will look'll look much better after it's pressed, I'm sure :-).


Caron said...

I would begin with the corners and press toward the corner square. Work your way from the outside in. Good luck!!!

Rosa Robichaud said...

That's a GORGEOUS block!!!

I would close my eyes, feel with your fingers and try to press where the fabric wants to go... mind you, try and not burn your fingers, as you press. *grin*

Good luck!