Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Another UFO finished!

The blocks for this quilt were also exchanged on the Treadleon sewing machine collector's list in 2001. The blocks are made two at a time, making it a quick block exchange project. The colours for this quilt were scrappy and we had to use muslin for the small triangles to write our name, place of residence and which antique machine we used to sew the blocks. I made 64 blocks and received 64 different blocks in return. The setting on this quilt was named, "Trail to Treadleonia". This quilt needed navy blue to put it all together :-).

Some of the quilting on the quilt. I quilted diagonal lines along the centers of the large triangles into the border and straight rows in one direction and along the individual blocks in the other direction:

The center blocks (I put the block from a fellow Canadian in the center!):

Quilting in the border:

Wonder how many more UFO's I need to complete? :-)

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