Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Spring has sprung!

Mother's Day yielded some colour for our mud surrounded house :-). Nice to see flowers and plants through the windows.

Son in law, Brian, snuck up to the house on Saturday evening and hung these two pansy bags on the coach lights of the garage! We had company and never noticed a thing...what a surprise to walk outside and find flowers had sprung from the lanterns :-).

Ben and Heather brought my Mother's Day, birthday, housewarming gift over..two lovely lilac bushes (we were just planning earlier in the day where we'd like to put some lilac bushes!) and a beautiful Geranium.

The Geranium found a nice spot on the bench that my grandfather made when he first visited from Holland when I was 11 years old. I remember watching him build that bench. When it is warm enough, I will give it a coat of paint to match the house.
Jake fabricated a couple of wire hangers and we hung the pansies on the lights...I'm thinking they look pretty good hanging there.


Cyn ;-) said...

Wonderful pics. Your house is absolutely lovely! Your SIL is a keeper - the flowers on the garage lights are pretty!

*kelebek* said...

çok güzel bir evin var ....