Friday, 3 July 2009

We have a new deck!

Haven't been doing a lot of sewing lately as we've been working on the house doing more unpacking and cleaning up. My brother in law and nephew have a deck building company and just finished up making our first deck. It'll be so nice to sit outside since we don't have grass yet. This deck is covered so we should be able to sit here a lot even when it's raining. We have to pick up our patio chairs yet; our kids have been storing them :-). Here is the view to the right side of the deck:

View to the back...we have a ravine here so no neighbours that we can see:

We hope to build a shed under the deck to store the lawnmowers and garden tools:
Railing along the back. We hope to build another deck next summer halfway down to the ground and connect it with a stairs. We will remove the left railing to make the stairs:

It even has a quilt on it already :-). Actually, this one is a little small...I have another one on the go that's bigger which should work perfectly for this table:

We have a natural gas hookup on the deck so now we need to go shopping for a barbecue :-).
The back of the house:


Miri said...

Enjoy your new deck! We loved our second floor porch so much (except for the buggies) we screened it its our favorite "room" in the house!

cockermom said...

I love how the yard looks 'patchwork'. Enjoy that cause it won't last long, ours didn't but now we have a lovely yard (alas, the patchwork look is gone now).
What a fun blog, I recently got my first treadle and look forward to using it for quilting, just waiting on that new belt then I'm off to the races! You inspired me to give it a shot. My DH probably thought I was a bit crazy, as I already own 5 other machines, but he is a darling and drove the 120 miles to pick it up for me. What a darling boy I have! Enjoy your lovely home and yard!