Saturday, 21 August 2010

....and why I continue to sew on old machines :-)

One of my quilter friends wanted her 'little old sewing machine' serviced this week. We were thrilled to discover an almost pristine little Singer Featherweight 222K, which is the later version of the 221 that has the removable tray. Once Jake got it serviced, cleaned and oiled, I got to test it :-). I'm working on assembling an "I spy" quilt for my granddaughter who is going to JK in September. At first the thread kept breaking and after getting a replacement bobbin case base (there was a burr on the original), she sewed like a dream! Isn't she pretty?

Sewing the I spy quilt on the machine:

It even has a throatplate marked with 1/4" seams!

Here it is with the bed removed. These machines are great for sewing tiny doll clothes!

A bright red plastic tray at the side of the case for holding bobbins and other sewing supplies.

It is loaded with the original attachments including a beautiful manual, darning foot, hoop and attachments in an original bright red vinyl case. The very first vintage machine we ever bought was a Singer 222k with this identical red vinyl case. I bought it for the ruffler not realizing that it was such a collectible little machine. I paid a whopping $15.00 for it 12 or 13 years ago. It is the machine that got us into collecting antique and vintage sewing machines.

I just looked up the serial number of this machine ER901772 and it is one of a batch of 2500 commissioned by Singer on September 7, 1960. It looks like it's the fourth last batch of the 222's made.

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Brenda said...

lovely. I have a 222K too, but not with the red box.