Friday, 3 September 2010

Marty Goes to a Retreat!

Meet Marty the sock Monkey!

Nine members of the Hearts and Hands Quilt Guild went on a four day retreat to a lovely cottage in Parry Sound which is owned by a brother and sister in law of one of our members. This is the second year that we have gone. We had a wonderful time sharing lots of laughs, eating yummy food
and getting some serious sewing done! We all took turns taking care of a meal and cleanup and dessert.

Joyce brought along her sock monkey that she knitted. She named him Marty. Isn't he just the cutest monkey?
He's keeping an eye on the Scrabble tiles so we don't peek at the other team's letters :-).

"Hi, I'm Marty! Pleased to meet you. Let me tell you about my fun week!"

"Moan!! I'm trying to get up!! These ladies keep crazy hours and make too much noise and I can't sleep! Now they want me up at 6:00 a.m. to sew!!"

"No one is paying any attention to me!! Hrmpphh!!!" (Monkey with an attitude :-)

"Adriana, can I borrow your camera so I can take pictures too? Pretty please?"

"Maria, why are we taking all the stitches out again?"

We went to Parry Sound Tuesday afternoon to the fabric shop and Marty got to come along (checking out FQ's with Cathy and Joyce):

"I really prefer the orange, but Jacqui didn't listen to me and she bought pink for the backing of her quilt. She says the Mommy of the baby who's getting this quilt would like pink better. Nobody listens to me anyway...I don't know why I came along on this retreat!!"

"This squash soup is yummy, Marylynn."

"I like those little squares with letters on them!!"

"Donna!!! Watch my tail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"This thing is scary!!!"
(Bea teaching monkey the fine arts of using a rotary cutter)

"Ooooooh....that scary thing is hot Cathy! I'm made of wool, you know!!"

"Yummy orange Ina!"

"These ladies really tire me out! I wish there was a pillow in this pillowcase though!!"

"I'm on the top of world, looking down on.........! I love hanging out here!!"

"Jacqui hasn't got a clue how to fix Adriana's sewing machine....I'll give her a hand."

"Yup, I think we got it now!!"

"What's in this bowl thingie up here? Whew!! Bright!"

"I like this Bernina sewing machine."

"Hmmm....those flowers are pretty funky on that quilt and some of your leaves are crooked!! Can't you do a better job, Jacqui?"

"I'm a Canadian monkey!!"

Me and my Mommy havin' a little nap:

"I got to print my own name in the guest book!!"

"Gasp!!! I can't breathe!!" (abandoned in the van when we got home!!)

I had fun on this retreat (but I AM tired!!) and I hope they'll take me along again ...I hear there might be some friends for me to hang out with too!! Can't wait. Til next time. Maybe I'll try some of this stuff. It smells kinda funny though!!

Love, Marty


Sharyn said...

Marty is a cutie! Thanks for sharing, I've never been to a quilt retreat. Sharyn

Nancy-Rose said...

Great photos Jacqui! Looks like a super retreat. Next year, you can dress me up like a monkey....LOLOLOL!

Mary Lynn said...

Marty was a RIOT!! Next time we must try to keep up with him!!

Teresa said...

I love the Marty series. As a kid of a mom who makes sure EVERY kid in our family tree gets a sock monkey, I say "lead on, oh monkey!"

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Teresa!

I'm knitting the exact monkey and only have to put a few limbs on and do his face! I got the pattern book and all the yarn to make one monkey in a small carrying bag made of sock monkey fabrics for Christmas from my friend. Jake figured I should knit one a month and I could have one for all the grandkids by Christmas...still working on #1 LOL!

Susan In Texas said...

Looks like Marty had a wonderful time! lol Enjoyed the pictures.

Susan in Texas

Carmen said...

You're crazy!! Love the monkey.

Anita said...

Well Mr. Marty Monkey, I am very sorry to say, but Jacqui was right. The pink quilt backing was the perfect choice, and though the orange was fun, pink suits my style much better!

-happy mama of the happy baby who received the happy quilt :-)

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Exactly what I thought Anita!! I checked out both of them and told Marty: "I'm positive that Anita will like the pink best!"

4 a lifetime of loving you said...

hahaha - Joel and I love the last picture - LOOKS like MARTY is very absorptive!!