Friday, 7 March 2014

Leaders/Enders progress

I've been working on a new leaders/enders project for a little while after finding these cool templates at a local quilt shop.  I spent some time over Christmas break cutting down all my scraps from my Diamond Quilt using the mini tumbler shaped template called Fat Cats and sorted them into warm and cool colours.   This is a bit of a challenge with Kaffe fabrics since many of them are mixed with both warm and cool!  I then sewed rows of 25 tumblers alternating warm and cool.  Here is the progress so far.

Twenty-one rows of 25 or 26 sewn together.  I am adding three more tumblers to the rows and it should turn out squarish.

Closeup of some of the tumblers.

It's always amazing to me how you much you can sew together between other projects! 

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