Monday, 16 January 2017

Canada 150 progress

You can read about the beginning of my Canada 150 program adventures here.  Amazing how quickly you get a week behind on a project, but good thing that we get weekly Tuesday reminders when the new patterns come out. 

Just completed blocks 22 - 27 this morning, just in time :-).  I had done blocks 16 - 21 a few weeks ago, but my camera was giving me grief.  It is working again so I just took photos of these blocks as well.  This is a really fun project learning about the accomplishments of Canadian women in history.  The blocks work up quickly and it is fun to choose fabrics for each block.

Blocks 16 - 21

Blocks 22 - 27
Since several of the ladies were from Quebec this week, I used a fleur de lis background for one block :-)

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