Saturday, 10 May 2008

Challenge project

At the London Friendship Quilt guild where I am a member, they issued a FQ of Laurel Burch fish fabric in December. We had to make something and bring it to our May meeting. There were 36 quilted items brought to the meeting and we voted for our favourite. There were some awesome quilts and totes and wallhangings! I put mine together on the due date (I work best under pressure LOL). I made a tote bag using more of my bright stash. I started with some curved pieced blocks, using the cut out to make a circle for the back of the bag. This is the front of the bag. I added some of the new wide, bright rick rack between the top and bottom seams:

Here you can see the whole front of the bag....prairie points using the rest of the Laurel Burch FQ, polka dotted handles and lining.

The back:

I was so ticked off to realize that after being so careful to keep the directional print right side up on the bag, when I turned it right side out after adding the lining, it was upside down!! One moment of absent mindedness makes big mistakes sometime LOL. But, DH came to the rescue by saying that if you are carrying the bag and you look down, you can read the words on it! And a friend suggested that it could symbolize my topsy turvey life at the moment...see? It's a design technique LOL. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Elly D said...

Your upside down bag is lovely!!:-D I like how you've done the curves. And as I was reading your note on the fabric being upside down I thought the same as your DH. It looks great.

Anonymous said...

You are totally awesomely creative! Did you win the challenge?

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hi Dayna:

No, didn't win the challenge. You should have seen the winners! You can actually see them at this link:

No sure if that link will work; otherwise just type in and scroll down to May 2008. There's also a link on the right side under a picture of the challenge fabric with a slideshow of all the projects. Very interesting to see what everyone comes up with.