Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Becky's birthday table topper

Found this cool cat sayings FQ at a quilt shop on a recent shopping trip and bought it to make something for my son's girlfriend, who is a real cat lover. It's from a line of fabrics called XOXOXO The Cat. I couldn't decide what to do with it because I didn't want to cut up the cool sayings. But, if you leave something on your sewing table long enough, inspiration will come eventually :-). I received my package in the mail from Mr. B's Preview Pack Club. This quarterly's pack of squares feature London cats...sophisticated cats visiting London and checking out the double decker buses and other tourist attractions in London, England. I sewed an assortment of the squares around the center panel and added a navy blue border with a little motif that looks a little bit like cat's paws and made a small table topper for Becky's birthday. Here is the cat panel....if you click on the picture, you should be able to read the sayings:

The finished table topper. I quilted around the squares printed on the panel and meandered through the large squares and the border putting a cat in each corner. The cats did not show up on the picture as it was too dark :-).


Patricia Davila said...

I love the idea you came up with. I have a lot of fabric I just love but the inspiration hasn't hit me yet. So they just pile up until it does or they fall, which ever comes first. visit me at patricia-quiltmama.blogspot.com your in my bloglist.

Miri said...

Very cool cat quilt :) Great way to use the sayings fabric.