Monday, 17 November 2008

Underground Railroad Miniature Quilt

It's about time I update my blog! I have several projects I could post, but hadn't taken any pictures yet. Finally got around to photos of this Underground Railroad Mini quilt I finished. I started this quilt when I worked at the Quilt Rack in Ancaster three years ago. We were teaching classes using Eleanor Burn's Underground Railroad book incorporating readings from Underground Railroad history and having speakers and special guests in to augment the classes. As we made the 12" sample blocks for the quilt, I made the 6" miniature version of the blocks. I finally got the quilt finished in time for our guild show two weeks ago. However, I'm not really happy with the quilting in the sashings and I'm thinking of taking it out. And, I've finally come up with a brainstorm for a quilt design in the border, so I hope to get at that soon.

Some closer up pictures of each corner of the quilt:

The label was printed on cotton fabric at a copy shop using the same process as printing onto a T-shirt.

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Christina said...

this is so beautiful! I have to get that book.