Saturday, 10 April 2010

Kit gets new pyjamas

On Wednesday, I received a really fun package in the mail from my sister in Victoria, BC. She has a number of American Girl dolls from the Pleasant Co. and I have Kit, who represents the 1930's. Years ago, I gave my sister a piece of 30's print and Thea made a pair of pyjamas for Kit. Here she is proudly modeling her brand new pj's. Hmmmm..wonder if my Mom is up to knitting a pair of little slippers for Kit? :-)

Thea also took home some of the fabric from the three sister's quilts that I made for all us sisters last summer when Thea visited. She made a little pillow of the leftovers to match my quilt. I still need to stuff it. She also tossed in a little needle book, a lovely blue fat quarter (I'll make a DJ block from this!) and the sweetest little set of sewing themed cookie cutters complete with black and gold sugar to decorate the sewing machine. How fun is that!! Here is a closeup of the cookie cutters and the tape measure ribbon used for the bow:

Here are the shapes in the set. The 'moon' shaped piece is the insert for the basket handle :-). I will have to make some of these for a quilt guild potluck. Too much fun.

My sister works at Creating Occasions in Victoria, BC where they sell these cookie cutters and does some of the displays there. She is just getting into making child and doll aprons. Her displays are so fun. This photo shows one of her Winnie the Pooh displays in the shop. Her American Doll, Kirsten is on the right and her old teddy bear she received from our grandparents in Holland when she was a child is on the left:

Don't you just want to join the tea party here?


The Cozy Quilter said...

Kit has her quilt and her PJ's and a comfy chair to curl up in. Now, all she needs is a pair of slippers and a little quilt to work on!

Mary-Kay said...

I'll come to the tea party but only if you're going to make cookies with the cookie cutters. Those are so cool! Imagine if you owned a quilt shop and you had tea time and there were those cookies. How cool would that be?