Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oh oh! I started a new project!!

On Saturday, the Elgin Piecemakers, plus friends, got together for a class with Heather Stewart to make the Indian Orange Peel quilt by Karen Stone. You can see a picture of the quilt we are making on Kathy's blog. Heather uses this quilt to teach a lot of colour theory. We learned all about the colour wheel and had a lot of fun arranging our fabrics into cool and warm colours, lights and darks and mediums and learning from fellow quilters' colour choices. I definitely dreamed in colour on Saturday night :-).

I chose Kaffe Fasset fabrics to make my quilt. I was thinking of using solids and prints, but Heather advised me not to do that as there is too much contrast for this particular pattern. I had not purchased too many fabrics yet wanting to see if I could get away with the solids first. This was a good decision :-).

Our first task was to sort our fabrics into colours according to the 12 categories in the colour wheel. Then we had to sort those piles from lights to darks. Here are my fabrics in the process of being sorted:

Here are some of the other girls sorting through their fabrics. You can see the intense concentration on all their faces :-).

Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of everyone that was in the class. We were just too busy to remember to take pictures :-). You can see more pictures on Gail's blog as well.

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