Monday, 13 November 2017

Jelly Roll Race Christmas Friends Quilt

A few weeks ago, three of us decided to make a Christmas jelly roll race quilt.  We got together one morning with all three of our stashes of Christmas fabrics and cut off three strips; one for each of us.  We ended up with 54 different strips.  One of us left out the black prints strips and added a couple of blues but we basically used the same strips.  Interesting how they all turn out differently :-).  This was a really fun project to do with some friends.   Great memories of fun times spent together and amazing how our stashes blend LOL.  The 54 strips resulted in a quilt top that is approximately 62" x 74" which will make a great Christmas lap quilt.

This is my quilt top

Sandra's quilt top

Sharon's quilt top

Sharon, Jacqui and Sandra with out matching quilts

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Betty Lou said...

Alike but different----or are they different but alike. Very nice and fun with friends.