Tuesday, 2 September 2008

E 11 Wagon Wheel finished

I finally finished the next Dear Jane block that Nancy challenged us to do when we got together a few weeks ago to work on Dear Jane blocks. I used the back basting method to applique the center onto the white background, then added another striped square and reverse appliqued the circle and the curved corners. I worked on it while waiting for my car's emission testing :-). Did I ever mention that I LOVE back basting!? Thanks to Susan for teaching us how to do it!! I've had a few inquiries as to what back basting is. There is a great pictorial guide on the internet for back basting on Apple Blossom Quilts.


Elly D said...

Your E11 looks great Jacqui. I'm slowly getting the hang of back basting and it does come into it's own in a few situations.
I love how you lined up those stripes. That must have taken some doing. Elly

Patricia Davila said...

What is back basting?