Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Josiah's Quilt finished

Finally got Josiah P's quilt quilted. I didn't have a chance to sew for the first six weeks of summer. I finally got into the sewing room and finished off a couple projects. Josiah is Micah's youngest brother. It's been a lot of fun making so many I spy quilts. Josiah's Mom had asked for flannel backing for his quilt, so I made the quilt to fit the piece of navy blue flannel I had in the closet. I have lots of blue I spy fabrics so I raided the closet for more blues and found enough to do a whole quilt in a blue theme. I really had fun with this...OK, I did buy a few more, but at a quilt show in the spring, they had FQ's in the sale bin for $1.00! And, they had really cute motifs in blue and suitable for a boy. What can you do? They just jumped into my shopping basket :-). I tried for a colourwash effect from top to bottom, but didn't have enough lights, so started in the middle and did a spiral around and around the center two squares.

The traditional swirly quilting on the border with a light blue, slightly variegated King Tut thread which I got at the Marsh Store. I need to learn a new pattern for sashings and borders :-).

This quilt got stippled all over in the center:

Here are all four quilts for each of the kids in order of age. Joshua's quilt:

Micah's quilt:

Natalie's quilt:

Josiah's quilt:

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