Thursday, 31 December 2009

Callie's Polka Dot quilt

This quilt was finally delivered a few weeks ago! I managed to get it to the baby before she turned 15 :-). That was my aim and I got it there two days after her first birthday. Here is Ruth's photo of the quilt:

This photo was taken at the Parry Sound retreat in September where I finished it:

Quilting in progress at the retreat:Closeup of the was fun collecting the polka dots for this project. I exchanged polka dot fabrics for several months by mail with my cyberfriend, Rosa, from New Brunswick. Everytime we found a polka dot, we would buy a FQ and share half of it with each other. A lot of fun mail travelled across Canada for awhile :-).
My daughter in law, Jannyne, helped me pick out the fabrics for Ruth's quilt. Here they are with the backing that Rosa also sent to me:

There are lots more polka dot fabrics for the next quilt to make :-).
I have already made another quilt with the polka dot stash for my niece, Melanie.


Rosa Robichaud said...

OH DARN!!!! Now, I'm just feeling guilty (or is that Quilty?!??) and envious!!!!


Of course, I'm just teasing, my friend and actually I'm SOOOO VERY, VERY happy that at least ONE of us made that pattern!!! *still chuckling over here*

I'm positive the baby will be nice and happy with such a cheerful quilt! *grin*

Congrats - still love that pattern and you did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!


Mary-Kay said...

I lov eht epolka-dot quilt. I didn't notice that all the fabrics were dots until you posted a close up. Nice! I'm sure she'll love it and keep it forever. It's great that you got it done before she's 15. Ha,ha!

Miri said...

I love this polka dot quilt! Its adorable, cheery and clever too! Wonderful!

Penny said...

Hi Jacqui, have just worked how to post. Love Callie's Polka Dot Quilt. Is this your pattern? Has your daughter and Daughter-in-law had the babies yet?