Thursday, 31 December 2009

Christmas tree skirts

Two Christmas tree skirts were completed this Christmas. This one is for my son's girlfriend's Mom :-). Becky helped me choose the colours and pattern she wanted for the gift for her Mom from both of us. This pattern was in an old issue from Fall/Winter 1992 Traditional Quiltworks' Third Annual Christmas Special. I've used this magazine a lot...the cover's totally torn off the magazine. The pattern is called "Kaleidoscope of Stars" by Mary Jobe Mason. I'm actually working on hand piecing one just like it, but of course that one's nowhere near done :-). Maybe next year. It is completely cut out with templates and there are a LOT of inset seams. Gave me good practise.

Closeup of the border....I meandered in the green sections and quilted a five pointed star in the cardinal section.

The back shows the quilting a little better:

The center stars with cardinal fabric in the centers:

This tree skirt was from Quiltmaker's issue #76 from Nov./Dec. 2000. The pattern is by Mary B. Hayes. It is a fun pattern and easy to sew. But, placing the colours is a challenge. I made this one a few years ago for my oldest son's wife, and it was mainly done in same tones of various green fabrics and the star is not noticeable at all. The original pattern has such busy fabrics that I didn't realize there were triangle squares in it until I started cutting out the fabrics! Placing the contrasting colours in this tree skirt really made the star stand out. This tree skirt was given to my youngest son's wife and was actually her gift from last year! I did get it completed in time to put it under their tree and it looks beautiful in their front hall.

It is basically quilted with diagonal lines:

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The Cozy Quilter said...

Glad to hear you got the skirts done on time! I am still working on a few gifts for some post Christmas get togethers with family and friends! I am looking forward to many QNIC's in 2010. Happy New Year!