Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Aidan's Baby Quilt

Another baby quilt I made was for Janet and Stephen's baby, Aidan, born in July 2006. These were the leftover blocks from another quilt I made for my granddaughter. We didn't know if it was a girl or a boy, so I made a set of pink blocks and a set of blue ones. I hope to find the pictures of the pink quilt and post them next. Again this quilt was made on my 15-88 Singer treadle and quilted on it as well. The pattern was from a Quiltmaker magazine. The colours on the second picture are more accurate...the fluorescent lighting in my sewing room washes out the colours sometime on photos. The sewing machine in front of the quilt is my Pfaff B handcrank which I hope to use for sewing one day!


Brian and Amanda said...

Hi Jacqui. These are super! What a neat thing to get into! Enjoy it!

Stephen, Janet & Aidan VanMaanen said...

Hi aunt Jacqui!!
Awesome blog you have! I must I really love the quilt you made for Aidan!! It is so beautiful! He sleeps with it every night!! It keeps him quite warm, and when he was a baby he laid on it every day on the floor! I think it will become his blankie!! Thank you again for it I know its a lot of work and we really appreciated it!!