Monday, 15 January 2007

Washday at Amanda's!

I asked DD Amanda for a picture of my grandson Joey's quilt, but she didn't have one of just that quilt. However, she did send this picture of all the quilts that I've made for her as she aired them all on a nice day. From right to left...the quilt made for their wedding (pieced and quilted on the trusty 15-88 Singer), Brian's graduation from university quilt (using the trail to treadleonia block), quilt from Quiltmaker magazine when Amanda went to college, Joey's baby quilt, a Christmas lap quilt and the very first quilt I made! It was the quilt for Amanda's bed using the sister's choice block and scraps from clothing I'd made for her when she was a little girl. This quilt was made in 1989/90 before I started collecting machines. I used my electric Omega which is standing forlorn in a closet!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool picture! :)