Saturday, 13 January 2007

Grandchildren Quilts

Joshua's "Lotsa squares blanket"

Lauren's quilt using the same blocks as Aiden's quilt

Leah's Quilt

Closeup of the quilting in Leah's Quilt

The first quilt for each granchild gets handquilted. I finished all of the quilts before the baby was born except Leah's :-). Joshua calls his quilt his "lotsa squares blanket" and now has it at JK for school nap time after lunch.


Heather teBokkel said...

So, when we have kids, they'll all get a quilt too??? :-)

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Of course Heather! Each grandchild gets a handquilted quilt for their first quilt. Josh already has his second I spy'll be on the blog one of these days...have to find a picture of Joey's quilt first to post.


Sinnissippi Ellie said...

Jacqui I just love your quilts and you have inspired me to write a Blog of my own. Now if I could only figure out how you got the photos onto the Blog ...

Household of Faith said...

I absolutely love Leah's baby quilt. It is very pretty and the design is so nice.