Thursday, 11 January 2007

Grandma's Sheep Quilt

This quilt was one of the fastest quilts I ever made. When my mother in law had a stroke in September, she was having difficulty reading. I saw a miniature quilt by Katy Sweigart in the magazine Quilt. It gave me the perfect idea for a quilt for my mother in law. I enlarged the blocks are a bit so we could write more than our name on it. I chose a pretty sheep fabric from my stash (our kid's nickname for this grandma was Grandma Sheep, so very appropriate). I chose the yellow, brown and green fabrics for the blocks to blend with the border. Each of Mom's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (with a little help from their Moms) wrote their name and a favourite Bible text or greeting on the block. The blocks came back in record time and I assembled them into a quilt top. The border has a muslin inset on which I wrote the words of Psalm 23 around the quilt also including some other Shepherd texts to fill it up. The yellow 'lippy' (flat piping) gave it a nice accent and the striped binding fenced in the sheep :-). It was entirely pieced and quilted on the Singer 15-88 treadle. I will take a picture of that machine one of these days and post it :-). The quilt looks really nice on Mom's hospital bed and gives her much comfort.

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