Friday, 19 January 2007

Raggy Baby Quilt

Here's another baby quilt that I'd forgotten I had made...thanks to all who are getting me organized! :-) This is the quilt I made for Cailyn VMS. It's made of two squares of unwashed flannel with an x quilted through each square. The squares are sewn together with 1/2" seams exposed and you clip the seams every 1/4". Then you throw it in the washer and dryer a couple of times to get a chenille look to it. They make very soft and cozy quilts.


Household of Faith said...

Love this quilt too. You are quite creative with making quilts. You have lots of talent.

Gerald and Sylvia said...

I love it too. It almost has a suede look to it. It was perfect size for laying Cailyn on the floor as a baby...and now she takes it to bed.

Taunya said...

adorable quilt! I love the colours