Saturday, 27 January 2007

I Spy Baby Quilt

This is an I spy baby quilt that I made for my long time friend, Wendy, who lives in Singapore. She just adopted a little girl about six months ago. I thought an I spy quilt would be great for her and chose fabrics with some Canadian maple leafs, a computer print, little girls' fabric, etc. I had a wonderful Mary Englebreidt border print which fits Wendy's personality very well, so I blended the colours to this border. I don't have a really good picture of the top, but above you can see the diagonal quilting with variegated thread. These quilts are a lot of fun to make. You can use many different settings, but this one was from the site. Oops, sorry, I just noticed that the quilt is upside down in the picture :-). The picture below shows the blocks on the design wall where you can see the various prints a bit better.

I made the quilt to fit into the width of the backing fabric which is also a Mary Englebreidt print which has been in my stash for years waiting for the right project! Of all things, I was 2" short on the length of the backing!! So, I pieced a row of leftover squares together and sewed it into the backing of the quilt.

In order to plan out this quilt, I went through my stash of novelty prints (which I store together on one shelf) and just started cutting out 4 1/2" squares. Once I had a huge stack, I put them on my design wall with the four patch blocks in between. I have lots left for several more quilts.

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kev & cj said...

wow, Jacqui i am in awe. i could never pick a favourite out of all of these beautiful quilts. you are SO talented!! and i am super jealous of all the st. t. moms getting quilts for their babies. it obviously keeps you very busy but what a gift to treasure for all the moms and kids.. absolutely gorgeous! :)