Thursday, 25 January 2007

Sewing on a toy sewing machine

In 2004, the Aylmer Museum hosted a display of toy sewing machines. Our Canadian Sewing Machine Collector's Group participated by lending many wonderful machines to the museum for display. We also participated in several raffle projects. I made this little doll quilt using the toy sewing machine pictured below. This little quilt is made with 1930's reproduction fabrics. I think I cut the squares 2 1/2". The machine sews a chain stitch. It is quite tricky to sew with these chainstitch machines as you have to be very careful pulling the work out of the machine or all the stitch will come out.

This is a Singer Sew handy electric toy sewing machine model 50. The black knob on the right side turns the motor on and the lever is pulled to start the machine stitching. Then you hang on with two hands to guide the fabric through. This would have taken some coordination for a child to get all that together!

It was fun making the little quilt. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of it after it was quilted. I did sew a line around the border of the quilt on the inside so that the chainstitching would show on the border before I quilted it.

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